April 28, 2022

By April 26, 2022Meetings


*Minutes for this meeting are currently being approved by the board and will be uploaded shortly.*


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that thisAsh Creek Special Service District Boardwill hold its regular meeting on Thursday the 28day of April 2022 at the Ash Creek Office Building at1350 South Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, Utah 84737

Commencing at 6:00 PM


  1. Call to Order Kelly Wilson


  1. David Hirschi Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.


  1. Public comments: Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized). Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to go to the podium, state their name for the record and limit comments to a minimal duration and/or no longer than three (3) minutes.


  1. Board comments and declaration of conflicts of interest.


  1. Discussion and approval of minutes from the March 24, 2022 meeting.


  1. Fay Reber 10 minutes       Discussion of legal matters.


  1. Public Hearing 3 min/person    PUBLIC HEARING to allow public input regarding (A) the issuance and sale of not more than $30,000,000 aggregate principal amount of sewer revenue bonds series 2022, (The “Bonds” and (B) any potential economic impact that the project described herein to be financed with the proceeds of the bonds issued under the act may have on the private sector; and related matters.


  1. Darrel Humphries 30 minutes               Report on Reach 11 Pipeline Project.
  2. Discussion of 3000 South Road Reconstructions.
  3. Discussion of joint resolution requesting annexation for Apple Valley
  4. Discussion of proposed monthly rates
  5. Discussion of Highway 318 Sewer Replacement.
  6. Discussion of Construction Management General Contractor contract procurement.
  7. Review of 1/4 year budget
  8. Review of annual Ethics Pledge

I           Discussion of other operational matters.


Posted this 25 day of April 2022

Michael Chandler, Superintendent