Sewer laterals are not part of the District’s system. The maintenance, repair, and replacement of any sewer lateral is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The District has no responsibility for any sewer lateral. If you experience a blockage in your sewer lateral please contact a licensed plumber to help you repair the problem. Please see the “Lateral Notification” for more details.

NO! Wipes do not break apart in the wastewater collection system and we have to remove them as they come through. This includes personal wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes – even those that are marketed at “flushable”. Toilet paper is the only item manufactured to break down in water.

No! FOGG from your kitchen and bathroom should be CANNED, not washed down the drain. Putting these greasy FOGG materials down the sink causes 80% of all sewer line clogs. Do your part by properly disposing of them in the trash.

When washed down the drain, FOGG sticks to the inside of sewer pipes. Over time FOGG can build up, block entire pipes, and lead to serious problems. Directly pouring FOGG down the drain is not the only way it gets into the sewer system; it drips off scraps that make their way into the sin and even items that are broken up by the garbage disposal. Washing dishes (either in the sink of dishwasher) can also cause FOGG to get into the pipes if they aren’t wiped down before washing. Using cloth rags or towels to scrape plates or clean greasy dishware can also get FOGG into the sewer when the towels are washed. So, make sure to use something that can go directly into the trash.

Ash Creek SSD currently only accepts cash or check payments. Payments can be made at our office at 1350 S Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, UT 84737.

No news is good news! If you don’t hear from our inspector after your inspection has been done then you are good to go. The pass will be reported to the city.

Other ways you can tell if the inspection has passed:

1. Lateral Inspection – the inspector will mark part of the lateral line in green.

2. Cleanout Inspection – you can give our office a call with the address and someone can look it up.

If either inspections fails there is a $50 re-inspection fee will be required before our inspector can go out for a re-inspection.

The sewer impact fee for a residential home is $3100. The sewer impact fee for warehouse space, commercial, etc will differ and need to be calculated by our team. In this case, please email your plan set to to get started.

All billing is done through Hurricane City. Please reach out to them with any questions about your bill.

In this case one of a couple things will need to be done.

1. The line can be dug up for the inspection to be done.

2. A camera will need to be run through the line. There is a $100 fee for our inspector to run the camera. Or you can hire someone to run the camera but will need to coordinate with our inspector to be there.

Ash Creek requires two separate inspections. Both inspections will need to be done before signatures for occupancy will be given.

A Lateral Inspection is done by one of our inspectors before the lateral line is buried.

Then, a Cleanout Inspection is done to ensure the sewer cleanout(s) are installed correctly.

Please see the Sewer Cleanout Details page for photos and details about the sewer cleanout. Keep in mind that if any inspection is not ready, is incomplete, or fails there is a $50 re-inspection fee that will need to be paid at our office before our inspector can re-inspect.