Feb 22, 2018

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February 22, 2018 Agenda

Ash Creek SSD Board Meeting February 22, 2018
Present: Randy Reeve, Richard Hirschi, Paul Heideman, John Bramall, and Lynn Chamberlain
Kevin Tervort asked to be excused from the meeting
Staff: Mike Chandler, Greg Kleinman, Fay Reber, Kim Spendlove
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Richard Hirschi
Public Comments: None
In Audience: Arron Anderson, and Yvonne Spendlove
The minutes from the January 25, 2018 meeting were discussed.
Motion by Paul Heideman approve the minutes from January 25, 2018. Second by Randy Reeve. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike talked about 755 S Peachtree Dr. in Toquerville. The home has only been lived in for about six months and is having problem. Lynn asked about who did the work and was it just volunteer labor. There were some concerns about the Ash Creek Springs water. Mike is proposing providing equipment and labor and have the homeowners provide the materials for repair.
Motion by Lynn Chamberlain had to approve the district participating with labor and equipment and have the homeowner pay for the materials. Second by Paul Heideman. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike is talking about the contract for the Auditing. The District received two bids from accounting firms. Hafen Buckner is the lower bidder but is wanting to do the audit onsite. When the auditors are on site it takes the employee’s time to work with them. Lynn and Paul both declared a conflict of interest because of a relative that works for one of the firms. Fay said were the conflict had been stated they did not a problem voting.
Motion by Richard Hirschi to contract with Hinton Burdick for auditing services. Second by Randy Reeve. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike talked about the Sr-7 project. Bowen & Collins and Zions Bank have been asked to do an analysis of the current impact fee. The cost for the impact fee change is to add a project to serve the Bench Lake area. The revisions are needed because of the unanticipated growth in the Bench Lake area and UDOT Projects that were not considered during the recent changes to the capital facilities plan. Bowen and Collins and Zions had a task and project coordination meeting and others to make sure they are putting in the correct pipe size. The cost to have the analysis redone will be $11,340.00
Motion by Richard Hirschi to accept the proposal and proceed with the ananlysis. Second by Lynn Chamberlain. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
USU extension office has asked for the District to provide some land for them to do some farming with youth. They would like ½ to 1 Acre by the Moss Property. They will bring in soil and anything else that is needed. Mike Proposed a three-year agreement for land and water and we would have the caveat to back out if needed. No money would be given to the project.
Ash Creek SSD
Board Meeting
February 22, 2018
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Motion by Randy Reeve to approve an agreement between the District and USU Extension office to allow them the use a portion of the district property. Second by Richard Hirschi. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike talked about Litehouse, the expansion and being able to offer a tour of the plant.
Mike talked about the LaVerkin pump metering the flow, and benefitting the confluence park treatment plant project
The clearing and fencing on the Moss Property has been completed.
The jail is expanding, and the preconstruction meeting is next week.
Crimson Ridge was talked about the possibility to converting to RV Pads, changing of the plat and the settling of the sewer lines and water issues were a problem. Mike reminded the board that it is a private sewer system.
There was discussion on the Willowind RV Park and the refunded impact fee amount.
John Bramall talked about the Brent Peterson property off Flora Tech road and making the improvements to bring them into compliance.
Richard asked about the Vactor Purchase agreement for LaVerkin city and getting it signed and approved.
Motion by Paul Heideman to adjourn the meeting. Second by Lynn Chamberlain. Motion carried by unanimous vote.