March 22, 2018

By March 22, 2018Meetings

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that this
Ash Creek Special Service District Board
will hold a field trip and its regular meeting on Thursday the 22
day of March 2018 at the Ash Creek Office Building at
1350 South Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, Utah 84737
Commencing at 5:00 PM
Field Trip: The board will meet at 5:00 to tour the Litehouse food processing facility.
Commencing at 6:00 PM
1. Call to Order John Bramall
2. Randy Reeve Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.
3. Public comments: Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is
properly agendized). Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to
go to the podium, state their name for the record and limit comments to a minimal
duration and/or no longer than three (3) minutes.
4. Board comments and declaration of conflicts of interest.
5. Discussion and approval of minutes from the February 22, 2018 meeting.
6. Fay Reber 10 minutes Discussion of legal matters.
7. Michael Chandler 20 minutes A. Discussion and possible motion approving
change order for Dixie Springs Line.
B. Superintendent’s report on other operational
Posted this 20 day of March 2018
Michael Chandler, Superintendent

Ash Creek SSD Board Meeting March 22, 2018
Present: Randy Reeve, Richard Hirschi, Paul Heideman, John Bramall, Lynn Chamberlain, and Kevin Tervort
Staff: Mike Chandler, Darrel Humphries, Blair Gubler, and Fay Reber
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Randy Reeve
Public Comments: None
In Audience: None
The minutes from the February 22, 2018 meeting were discussed.
Motion by Lynn Chamberlain to approve the minutes from February 22, 2018. Second by Randy Reeve. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike talked about the change order for the Dixie Springs Pipe line. The district will be cutting a 15-foot section for the sewer line. When the city builds the road, it will be 75 feet. The original change order was for 899,820.00. there are some things that mike will be removing from the change order but would like the go ahead to sign it to get the work moving. He would like to have the cut and sewer line in before the State extends SR 7. Two developers have agreed to put $250,000.00 each towards the project and will be paid back when the project is part of the capital facilities plan. This will get the project started quicker. Hurricane City has also agreed to pay half of the costs as part of the road impact fee but did not know when that would be. Mayor Bramall thought that now was the best time to do this type of work. He thought that it was much better to the blasting now than when there were homes and other utilities in the area.
Motion by Richard Hirschi to approve the change order for $899,920.00, half of that to be paid back by Hurricane City in the next few years. Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike said that he has met with the confluence park and is going forward with the Confluence park treatment plant. He is estimating that project and the bench lake will be about $3,500,000.00 from this year’s budget. He was hoping to present the new capital facilities plan at the April meeting. This plan will have the Bench Lake project and SR-9. He thought that the fee could possibly go down because so many new connections could be added. He wanted to make sure that the board was in favor of moving forward with both of those projects before he contracted with an engineer to start them. He thought that it would stretch the inspection staff to have two large projects going at the same time. Mayor Bramall suggested applying for CIB money to lock in the interest rate at 1%. He thought it would be worth filling out the paper work. Mike said he would investigate it.
Motion by Lynn Chamberlain to move forward with working on both projects at the same time. Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mike reported that the repair was completed on 755 Peach Tree in Toquerville. The homeowners were able to get the Affordable Homes people to pay for their part of the repair.
Mike reported that LaVerkin City has purchased the old camel truck.
Mike talked about some of the billing corrections that have been done.
Ash Creek SSD
Board Meeting
March 22, 2018
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The District will be working with Infowest to build a District website.
Mike talked about possible changes to the septic tank approvals to allow for group treatment systems. He is working with the Conservancy District to try and come up with a plan that will allow for growth and still protect ground water.
Mike talked about working with Springdale to help them with their sewer cleaning and camera work. Mayor Bramall said that Hildale is also having some sewer issues.
Mike talked about a couple of conferences that are planned and invited the board to attend if they were interested.
Mayor Bramall talked about the Pah-Tempe. There will be a push to get the sewer system to them. The board talked about having it be public or private.
Motion by Paul Heideman to go into an executive session. Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Those in the executive session were Randy Reeve, Richard Hirschi, Paul Heideman, John Bramall, Lynn Chamberlain, Kevin Tervort and Fay Reber. Employee matters were discussed, and the meeting was adjourned.