Effective January 2024 Ash Creek SSD will have a 5% increase in monthly sewer billing. We understand that a rate increase is never welcome news. The increase will help the district cover the rising costs of equipment, materials, labor, as well as investing in any necessary infrastructure improvement to maintain a safe, healthy, and reliable sewer system.

In July 2022 the Ash Creek SSD Board, after an extensive rate study, adopted a resolution for a rate increase of $10 for residential homes (an equivalent rate increase was implemented for commercial, vacation rentals, and RV parks). This resolution included the option for the district to implement a 5% increase annual (starting in 2024) if needed. The board will review this annually to determine if the rate is adequate or if adjustments are needed.

The decision to implement the 5% rate increase in 2024 was made with careful consideration as it is essential to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of the sewer system.

We appreciate your understanding and support in maintaining a robust sewer system for the community.