June 24, 2021

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Ash Creek SSD                                   Board Meeting                                    June 24, 2021

Present: Richard Hirschi, Kevin Tervort, Lynn Chamberlain, Kelly Wilson, Justin Sip, John Bramall.

Staff: Michael Chandler, Fay Reber, Heath Ruesch, Darrel Humphries, and Blair Gubler.

Audience: Vicktoria Yahorava, David Wittwer,

Prayer and Pledge: Kelly Wilson

Public comments: None

Chairman Chamberlain presented Heath Ruesch with an award for safety employee of the quarter.

The minutes from the May 18, 2021 meeting were discussed.

Motion by Justin Sip to approve the minutes as written. Second by Richard Hirschi. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

David Wittwer came before the board to give a presentation on the 2020 financial audit. David reported there were no compliance or internal control findings for the year. The issues from the previous years had been addressed. David went over the financial statements for the district. David talked about the trends in revenues, expenditures, and cash. David said the financial health of the district was good and being well run.

Mike talked about approval of a private sewer agreement for Quail Lake Industrial Park. They are not ready at this time and will be on the next agenda.

Mike reported the new sonic wave equipment was helping the district use less water. By not having to clean every line it is estimated 35% less water will be used in line cleaning.

Mike talked about the commercial billing. To be more accurate and take some stress off staff, the district would like to talk to the cities about setting up an automatic billing. If the changes cost more than the 5% the district will reimburse the cities.

The hiring committee has narrowed down the applicants for the assistant superintendent’s job. A second interview will be done on Friday.

Mike talked about a proposal to improve the road into the district’s hay shed. The district may need to participate with the developer to get the roadway in.

Mike gave a report on the treatment plant and the need to change the zoning on district property in LaVerkin. A proposed layout of how the plant will sit on the property was looked at. Mike said as much of the water as possible will be used in the irrigation system or on the confluence park property. Discharge to the river would be the last option when necessary. The board talked about how reuse water could be used. Lynn said the big project in Toquerville would be going in a year. Mike talked about the work he has been doing with the project’s engineering firms.

Ash Creek SSD
Board Meeting
June 24, 2021
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Mike talked about projects that will be happening in the next three years. With the growth happening and being planned, mike thought we would need to higher four or five new employees next year. He also thought a plan for a Hurricane treatment plant would need to start as soon as the Confluence Park plant was completed. Some possible projects would include the towns of Virgin and Leeds getting funding for wastewater collection systems.

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:05 PM.


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that thisAsh Creek Special Service District Boardwill hold its regular meeting on Thursday the 24day of June 2021 at the Ash Creek Office Building at1350 South Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, Utah 84737

Commencing at 6:00 PM


  1. Call to Order Lynn Chamberlain


  1. Kelly Wilson Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.


  1. Public comments: Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized). Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to go to the podium, state their name for the record and limit comments to a minimal duration and/or no longer than three (3) minutes.


  1. Board comments and declaration of conflicts of interest.


  1. Lynn Chamberlain 5 minutes         Presentation of the first quarter safety awards.


  1. Discussion and approval of minutes from the May 18, 2021 meeting.


  1. David Wittwer 10 minutes       Presentation of the 2020 Financial Audit.


  1. Fay Reber 10 minutes       Discussion of legal matters.


  1. Michael Chandler 30 minutes               Discussion and possible motion concerning approval of private agreement for Quail Lake Industrial Park Phase 4.
  2. Superintendent’s report on operational matters.


Posted this 21 Day of June 2021

Michael Chandler, Superintendent