Some Things Just Don’t Belong in the Toilet…

Toilets are only meant for one activity, and you know what we’re talking about! When the wrong thing is flushed, results can include costly backups on your
own property or problems at your local wastewater treatment plant. That’s why it’s so important to treat toilets properly and flush only your personal contributions to the local wastewater treatment plant.
Don’t rush to flush any items like:
• Baby wipes and diapers
• Rags and towels
• Cotton swabs
• Syringes
• Candy and other food wrappers
• Clothing labels
• Cleaning sponges
• Toys
• Plastic items of any description
• Aquarium gravel or kitty litter
• Rubber items such as latex gloves
• Cigarette butts
• Sanitary napkins
• Hair
• Underwear
• Disposable toilet brushes

Sewer Overflows Are a Mess-
Disposable Does Not Mean Flushable!
It will take a lot more than the paper towels that caused this mess to clean it up. Flushing paper towels and other garbage down the toilet wastes water and can create sewer backups and overflows. This can also cause time-consuming backups in the public sewer pipes and at the local wastewater treatment plant, and related costs can be passed on to ratepayers. Even if its label reads “flushable,” you are still safer and more environmentally correct to place the item in a trashcan. And because homeowners are responsible for their property’s sewer pipes, improper flushing can cost you money. You plug it, you pay for it!

And There’s More…
Whatever ends up in your toilet can potentially impact the water environment, so it’s really important to keep household wastes such as window cleaners,
unused or expired pharmaceutical products, paint thinners, fats, and fruit labels out of toilets and drains and dispose of them properly. For more information, visit

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Toilet Not a Trashcan