August 26, 2021

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Ash Creek SSD                                   Board Meeting                                    August 26, 2021

Present: Kevin Tervort, Kelly Wilson, Justin Sip, John Bramall, and Lynn Chamberlain.

Staff: Michael Chandler, Fay Reber, Darrel Humphries, Blair Gubler, Matt Goodrich, Kim Spendlove, Logan Murphy, and Heath Ruesch.

Audience: Yovonne Spendlove and Jilliene Gubler

Prayer and Pledge: Kelly Wilson

Public comments: None

The minutes from the July 20, 2021, meeting were discussed.

Motion by Justin Sip to approve the minutes as written. Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Chairman Lynn Chamberlain recognized Blair Gubler’s 32 years of service to the district. He will be retiring on September 15 before the next board meeting. Mike invited the board to a luncheon in his honor.

Fay did not have any legal matters.

Mike discussed a private sewer agreement for the Liahona Academy. It is an eight-inch line on private property.

Motion by Kelly Wilson to approve the agreement. Second by John Bramall. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Mike asked for approval of a memorandum of understanding between the district and the Washington County Water Conservancy District. The new reservoir in Toquerville will put the Anderson Junction pump station in the water. The conservancy district will be moving the pump station and the district has budgeted the money to pay for upgrades from the existing facility. The agreement covers who will pay for each of the items. Lynn asked if the existing equipment was usable. Mike said the upkeep had been done and it was fully functional.

Motion by Justin Sip to approve the memorandum.  Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Mike discussed the payment of a pipe and manhole upsize of sewer line on 1100 west in Hurricane. The have been some disagreements between some of the landowners about a cost sharing agreement. The two property owners who are ready to move could put in an 8-inch line for their developments. They asked if they could install a 10-inch because they wanted to use it as a bargaining chip with other landowners. Mike did not feel like the project was big enough to give a pioneer agreement. He requested the approval to pay for the upsize of the sewer line instead of entertaining a pioneering agreement.

Motion by John Bramall to approve the upgrade of the pipe sizes for the Rock View Subdivision. Second by Justin Sip Motin carried by unanimous vote.

Ash Creek SSD
Board Meeting
August 26, 2021
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Mike talked about ARPA money that has been approved for underserved areas. The state has picked Virgin as one of the areas that grant money could be given to. Mike has talked to the state and laid out a prospective sewer line. The trails will possibly be going over the same alignment as the sewer. This would give a lot of money to help put the sewer line to the LaVerkin Bench and Virgin. The grant will be requested by September 15th.

The property the  Confluence Park Treatment Plant will be built on has received zone change approval. The engineers are moving forward with planning and getting approval of the plant with the state. Mike showed the board some of the construction drawings and possible layouts of the treatment plant.

Mike presented a preliminary modeling plan for the district. The plan will be used to size the pipes and treatment plants for the future. Justin asked about the Leeds private group. Mike reported what they are doing and the need to work with the town as part of the district serving their developments. Mike felt like helping these communities will ensure a good product was built instead of letting developers build inexpensive systems that the district will be asked to take over in the future.

Mike reported the 3000 south road has had some road collapses. This is the road that was just completed with the bench lake project. The road is failing but it is not because the construction was faulty. Mike felt like the water is coming  from fields being overwatered and causing the collapses. The field being watered is owned by the Water Conservancy District but leased to an individual. Mike felt like the conservancy district and the irrigation company needed to take responsibility for water being used in the area. Mike thought the work to replace the section is 100-150K. The board discussed some options for taking care of the water.

Motion to adjourn at 7:05 PM.


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that thisAsh Creek Special Service District Boardwill hold its regular meeting on Thursday the 26day of August 2021 at the Ash Creek Office Building at1350 South Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, Utah 84737

Commencing at 6:00 PM


  1. Call to Order Lynn Chamberlain


  1. Kelly Wilson Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.


  1. Public comments: Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized). Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to go to the podium, state their name for the record and limit comments to a minimal duration and/or no longer than three (3) minutes.


  1. Board comments and declaration of conflicts of interest.


  1. Discussion and approval of minutes from the July 20, 2021 meeting.


  1. Lynn Chamberlain 10 minutes       Recognition of Blair Gubler’s retirement after 32 years of service.


  1. Fay Reber 10 minutes       Discussion of legal matters.


  1. Michael Chandler 30 minutes               Discussion and possible motion concerning approval of private agreement for Liahona Academy .
  2. Discussion and possible motion concerning approval of memorandum of understanding with Washington County Water Conservancy District.
  3. Discussion and possible motion concerning payment of sewer line up-size on 1100 West project. (Rock View Subdivision.)
  4. Superintendent’s report on operational matters.


Posted this 23 Day of August 2021

Michael Chandler, Superintendent