September 23, 2021

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Ash Creek SSD                                   Board Meeting                                    September 23, 2021

Present: Kevin Tervort, John Bramall, Richard Hirschi and Lynn Chamberlain.

Staff: Michael Chandler, Fay Reber, Darrel Humphries, Matt Goodrich, Heath Ruesch, and Gary Wilcox.


Prayer and Pledge: Lynn Chamberlain.

Public comments: None

The minutes from the August 26, 2021, meeting were discussed.

Motion by John Bramall to approve the minutes as written. Second by Kevin Tervort. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Chairman Lynn Chamberlain recognized Gary Wilcox as the safety employee of the quarter.

Fay did not have any legal matters.

Mike reported the funding request has been made for the line to serve the LaVerkin East Bench and Virgin. There will need to be some matching donations. Mike though some would need to come from the district, but some will come as in kind donations from easements and businesses in Virgin who would like the lines extended. They had a lot of applicants for the grants. The division of water quality submitted a letter of support along with some of the affected cities.

The property trade is continuing to go forward. Mike is waiting for the other party to provide an exhibit of how the two owners will be splitting the district property. There is some discussion of having storm water drain to the property the district will be receiving.

The participants in the Leeds area sewer are starting to ask for funds to pay for the engineering work. Up to this point it has only been verbal support. The board looked at the plans that are being proposed for the project.

Mike reported the confluence treatment plant has gone through design. There will be an inspection at a plant in Illinois in a few weeks. Mike talked about the process for the next few months.

The Reach 11 pipeline project will be to bid on October 12. The pipe and manholes have been ordered. The bid will need to be awarded at the next meeting.

Mike talked about the need for reuse in wastewater. Mike was concerned that many of the cities have not worried about getting new water sources since signing the water pooling agreement. He felt like the cities needed to be proactive in developing their water sources and protecting their reuse rights. The board talked about some of the water conservation methods being used in the county. Mike explained how the water rights division figured the amount of water allowed when a city changes from agricultural to municipal uses. Because so much of the water used in Southern Utah is used outside, the cities need to be aware that there will not be as much water

being treated in the wastewater. They need to plan on the amount of reuse water only being a fraction of the amount used by the original water users.

Ash Creek SSD
Board Meeting
September 23, 2021
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Mike talked about a small parcel of district land that a homeowner has used as part of his yard for several years. He wants to sell his home now and would like to sell the property and include the district’s part of his yard with the property. He has asked to purchase the land. The district does not have any use for the land.  The staff has told him he needs to get an appraisal and legal description of the property. Mike asked if the board was willing to dispose of the property.

Motion by John Bramall to approve the disposal of the property if the purchaser pays the cost of appraisal, engineering, and recording. He will also need to get approval from LaVerkin City to amend the subdivision plat. Second by Kevin Tervort.  Motin carried by unanimous roll call vote.

The Board discussed the date of the December meeting. The meeting will be held on December 7, 2021

Motion to adjourn 6:52 PM


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that thisAsh Creek Special Service District Boardwill hold its regular meeting on Thursday the 23day of August 2021 at the Ash Creek Office Building at1350 South Sand Hollow Road, Hurricane, Utah 84737

Commencing at 6:00 PM


  1. Call to Order Lynn Chamberlain


  1. Lynn Chamberlain Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer.


  1. Public comments: Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized). Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to go to the podium, state their name for the record and limit comments to a minimal duration and/or no longer than three (3) minutes.


  1. Board comments and declaration of conflicts of interest.


  1. Discussion and approval of minutes from the August 26, 2021 meeting.


  1. Lynn Chamberlain 5 minutes         Recognition of safety employee of the quarter.


  1. Fay Reber 10 minutes       Discussion of legal matters.


  1. Michael Chandler 30 minutes               Review of DWQ funding for Virgin area and LaVerkin Bench.
  2. Report on property trade.
  3. Report on Leeds area sewer.
  4. update on treatment plant/master plan.
  5. Report on Reach 11 pipeline project.
  6. Discussion of wastewater reuse in each city.
  7. Discussion and motion concerning disposal of property in LaVerkin.
  8. Superintendent’s report on other operational matters.


Posted this 21 Day of September 2021

Michael Chandler, Superintendent